A Recipe for Fun à la France
Take two Americans, a donkey, a sprinkle of Old Europe, a long long walk, and mix thoroughly....

The mother of all hiking trails is the le chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle. There is nothing remotely comparable. Even the great hiking trails of the United States fall short. Sure, you can hike the savage wilderness of the Appalachian Mountain range, live in a tent and eat beanie weenies from a can, but it doesn’t compare to a day of medieval castles, druid caves and foie gras a la sauce de Vouvray. I could say that it’s the food and wine that makes the difference but it is much more than that. The trail to Compostela, Spain is a pilgrimage with a thousand years of tradition. It is literally a walk through the history of western civilization, not to mention cultural confusion, donkey psychology, and assorted fine dining establishments.
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