History of Lavardin, France
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Lavardin - Pilgramage
Each year in Lavardin there is a short pilgramage between Lavardin and the neighboring village of Villavard to commemorate the Miracle of Hiameric. It was on the plains of Villavard that Haimeric, Lord of Lavardin, was captured by his foes. His horse though took fright and ran directly for the Loir river. If the horse fell in the water it was certain death for a man in full armor because of the sheer wieght of chain mail. In the last instant before he plunged into the icy water, Haimeric, who was also called Haimeric the war-maker, prayed to the Virgin Mary to intercede on his behalf. He promised he would build a church and place in it a copy of the Black Virgin of Chartres. The horse swerved aside and not only was Haimeric saved but also freed from captivity. He went on to win the battle and build a church in the spot of the miraclous intercession of the Virgin. The church was completed in 1125 along with a copy of the Black Virgin of Chartres. The prilgramage has continued until today.
Interior St. Genest. Lavardin.
Villavard. Pilgramage Mass for the Black Virgin of Villavard
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