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History of Lavardin, France
Prehistory 2500BC - 10BC 10BC - 480AD 480 - 713AD 714 - 987 AD 1025 - 1130 AD 1130-1590 AD 1130-1590 AD 1793 -2000 AD Present
History of Lavardin

Gallo-Roman Period (10-480 AD)

During the Gallo-Roman period, Lavardin was called Lavbicinum.The ruined foundations of its Roman-era fort still overlook the Loir Valley below.

It is not surprising that the Roman invaders wanted to occupy this strategic point of the Loir Valley. The foundations of a temple dedicated to the Roman God Mercury was found on the promontory adjoining the chateau. It is believed that a Gallo-Roman village replaced the huts of the Gallic tribes of the area. Lavardin was on the old Roman road between Vannes and Orleans and the it was probably the place of intersection of the road from Blois to these towns. Old Roman paving stones are still used today as supports for the steel bridge leading to Montoire. It took five centuries for latin influence and religion to seep into Celtic culture, but little by little, all of France became Christian. Saint Julien, the first bishop of LeMans, visited Lavardin in the third century.


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