History of Lavardin, France
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History of Lavardin

Royal Possession (1130-1590 AD)

At the beginning of the 16th century, Christianity was again in crises following scandalous excesses. The reform movement gained popularity, especially in the higher classes of society. The Queen of Navarre, Jeanne d’Albret, who was the Countess of Vendôme, converted to Protestantism during this epoch. In 1589, Henry 1st of Vendôme, King of Navarre, became Henry IV, King of France, but his vendômois subjects remained fervent Catholics and did not recognize him a King.

Furious to see this resistance, the new King decapitated the town’s Governor. Lavardin capitulated the next day but the resistance did not end. In 1590, the Vendômois rose up again and Henry sent the Prince of Conti and an army to quell the rebellion. The garrison at Lavardin under the command of Captain Du Vignau resisted for three weeks before surrendering with the honors of war: with their horses, arms and baggage, guns loaded and drums playing. In order to prevent the same type of rebellion again, Henry IV dismantled Lavardin and other chateau in the region.

King Henry IV of France with Queen Margot
King Henri IV of France and Queen Margot
Drawing of Chateau of Lavardin Other than a famine in 1662, no other significant events occurred at Lavardin in the 17th century


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