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Bernache is the name for new wine in Loir Valley. The new wine that you find in France in the fall is quite different from the Beaujolais Nouveau that comes to the States in the fall. Beaujolais Nouveau is just wine that is rushed to market and has once a fad all over the world. Bernache is the juice from the grapes that is still fermenting and is available about two days after it has been squeezed. It is sweet and fruity like grape juice but it has a fizz as if carbonated and it is cloudy looking. It is only available for a couple of weeks because as the fermentation process continues the fizz and the cloudiness disappear and it becomes wine with its own unique character.

Philippe Débrée profits from this unique beverage by making bread with it for the three weeks that it is available. (usually the end of September and the beginning of October The carbonation substitutes for yeast and the taste is special. If you visit when bernache bread isn't in season remember of ask for the another local specialty he bakes year round, croquettes. Contact Info (no email)

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