Lavardin has always been a favorite of painters, particularly French artists:

René Lelong revealed Lavardin to the world with his “Dame au Kodak” leaning nonchalantly against a tree while contemplating the castle keep.

Vergnolet, a painter, built a home in Lavardin that his daughter occupied for a long time after and often welcomed visitors.

Jean Bailleul, sculptor and founder of the School of Fine Arts of Québec, lived for many years in one of the unusual cave homes on the Rotte aux Biques, where he could contemplate as his ease, the ancient village snuggled between two wooded hills, the remains of the chateau, the Loir River, the distant butte of Troô and the white cliffs of Roches. Some say his spirit still inspires artists today.

Maurice Martin, a man a warm and lively man, interpreted the seasons of Lavardin.

Jean Bernadac lived, wrote, painted, sculpted and gave life to Lavardin for many years before leaving his village studio in 1998.
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