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Ronsard and the Loir River
Walk along the promanade de poet and experience the lovely Loir River. Here it seems that Loir has changed little since the poet Ronsard sang its praises in the XVI century. Pierre de Ronsard was born at Possoniere, a small Renaissance Italienne chateau in the commune of Couture sur Loir near Lavardin. He lived there up until the age of 9 years.

At the age of 15, following an illness that left him half deaf, he had to give up a promising military career. He turned to poetry and the study of the classics. His poetry often celebrates the Vendômois countryside, its woods, rivers and streams, fields and vineyards.

As leader of the Pleiade, Ronsard published “Les Amours” in 1552 and became known as the prince of poets at the court of Henry II. Then he became the tutor of the young King Charles IX and received several small churches as compensation: Saint Cosmes near to Tours, Croixval at Ternay, Saint Guingalois at Chateau du Loir and Saint Gilles at Montoire sur Loir. These churches were located in places of peace and tranquility in the same Vendômois countryside that he found so dear.
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