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The Web is a very very very big place and if you send a little time you find lots to love. All comments are my mine and probably don't reflect the views of the webmasters. Email me if you have a cool site to add. Anyway, Click and enjoy

Prehistoric Caves In France

Fascinating and really really old.

Literary Links

Helpful sites for writers and any armchair traveler.

French Culture and History

French history is so long, so delicious, and so great... An inexhaustible subject but here are some interesting places to start looking.

Wine Links

My Favorite Caves! Click for a virtual tasting. I've thrown in a couple of good gourmet sites because what is wine without a great meal?

Helpful Travelers Links

The real world is almost as complicated to navigate as the web. Here are some sites to help make your next trip a little simpler.

Art links

You can't live with an artist and know all her friends and not include a few. All sites have the Aprille seal of approval. Not to mention please check her site or she'll hurt me...

Cave Living Around the World

Other people around the world still live in caves. I'm on the hunt for all virtual evidence.

Fun Stuff

Misc. fun stuff.

 Prehistoric Caves In France

Lascaux - The grand dame of cave paintings

Official Government site

A unofficial site

Virtual Lascaux
- a virtual art piece by Benjamin Britton about Lascaux

Other Prehistoric Caves in France (there are more than 150!)

Official Site for Chauvet- Pont-d'Arc
This newly found cave is shaking up everyone's theories about art and its development in prehistory.

Tautavel Man
Tautavel Man is the oldest man found in europe to date interesting site about the find and Argo cave

Cave FAQ
cave trivia and facts

educational site about caves and how they are formed

The Academy
- a magnificently weird site about the cool mythic ideas that surround caves.

 French Culture and History

Church and culture in the middle ages

A History of the Knights Templar

Chronology of Middle Ages in French

Alliance francaise in Vendome


Trôo, a troglodyte village

 Helpful Travelers Links

Citybird Arlines -No longer in business.

Randonnée Pedestre - It is possible to hike the whole of france on foot. The difference between hiking in France and Wilderness hiking is the cute hotel and the incredible meal. Check here for Trail Guides

Gîte of France
Gites are generally very small, much like bed and breakfast in the US although they vary. Few Americans stay in them which is a shame. Look through their listing for your next trip and avoid big impersonal chain hotels.

Travelocity - Booking Airlines, Hotels, and Cars online

SNCF Online Train Schedules for all of France

French Phone Online Phonebook for France to help you plan the perfect trip.

Jack's Travel Page Jack writes interesting travel stories for the user group.

Les gîtes de Lusignan à Trôo

International Living Magazine - There is a wealth of information about moving to and living in France in the archives of this site. Weekly Postcards and E-Letters are worth subscribing to.

Parler Paris Bi-Weekly column Good current news and stories about Paris.

 Cave Living Around the World

Turkish Caves article about caves in turkey

Languedoc Cave Dweller Carol and Adrian moved to the southern region of France, called the Languedoc, in 1985, when Adrian retired from the Metropolitan Police in London.

 Literary Links

Literary Traveler

Book expert: Emmanuel de Broglie :

 Wine Links

Wine Travel Guide

All You Need To Know About Loire Wine

Wines of Touraine
- a site to learn about the wines of our region

Chinon Wines


 Art links

Aprille Best Glover's website This is my wife's site. Check it out, I think it's great but I'm wee bit prejudiced.

Art-deco-prints-and-posters We sell original French Art Deco vintage pochoirs, prints, posters, photography, decorative objects and original art work. Our emphasis is on Fashion, Theatre, Advertising, Design, and Interiors by some of the greatest 20th Century illustrators and designers such as Barbier, Lepape, Bakst and Martin.

 Fun Links

Expatriot Exchange - site for expatriots of all stripes

International Herald Tribune - a great read anytime for news from an international perspective




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