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Caves make a comfortable home for man and his wine cellar

When you think of caves in France your first thought maybe of the wine caves of Champagne and Bordeaux or perhaps the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, but who would think of living in one? Certainly not, author William Glover, an American who went to France looking for a quiet farm house. In Lavardin, a tiny village of France, he found instead one of the few places where people still live in real caves.

A modern cave dweller is very different from his prehistoric predecessor. A grotto may well be a cable and internet-ready home. But like snowflakes, no two caves are the same. William Glover's new book, Cave Life in France: Eat, Drink, and Sleep... relates his growing friendship with his neighbors and adaptation to a lifestyle steeped in rich history. Caves for the French are sacred ground. Most caves are used to make and store wine. Wine and the great cuisine of France are the heart and stomach of his story. In Lavardin, a town of less than 200 people, there are fantastic restaurants, a bakery and no gas stations.

Into this light-hearted tale of wine, food, and manners in a small French village the author deftly weaves in the serious story of his HIV-positive wife's illness. The book never loses its gentle humor whether it is describing the bouquet of a glass of rosé or an emergency room visit. Part wine tutorial, part restaurant guide and travelogue, the book lovingly sketches the pleasures only France can dish out. It is a funny and easy primer on the art of living in a foreign country and the manners of a small French village.

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